Phyllis Lennox is a Director of Universal Foodservice Designs working in the role of Marketing, Credit and debit accounts, Daily administration processes and Quality Assurance control. Phyllis has a strong banking and marketing background having worked with St. George Bank for twenty (20) years in various roles including marketing and sales from at their head office in Sydney and on the Central Coast of NSW. Phyllis has been involved with insurance firm Apia in a number of roles including, call centre staff training and marketing.

Phyllis is involved in the creation of detailed specification documentation. This involves the detailing of custom fabricated items as well as documenting all specific items with the correct code, features and model numbers.

With each tender package issued from our office a Quality Assurance statement is also issued. Phyllis cross checks all documentation produced, refereeing tender schedules, with specification documents and insuring that item numbers, dates, schedules, rates and the like all align. Phyllis ensures that all of this work is carried out before the documentation is released to the client.

This is Universal Foodservice Designs clients guarantee that all due diligence has been applied to the design and documentation process.

Phyllis can be contacted on 0414 785 424 or on her Email address at