Host Milano 2023

In October, our esteemed directors, Brian and Phyllis Lennox, embarked on a thrilling three-week journey across Europe, made possible by the generous Comcater. During this three-week journey, we dove into immersive equipment training, attended enlightening seminars all across the European continent, and even had the pleasure of attending the impressive Host Milano Trade Show.

 Their journey first led them to the Mareno Ali Group Factory, Brema Ice and Hoshizaki in Italy, The Hotel Nyborg Strand in Denmark, JONI Factory in Denmark, Hupfer Factory in Germany, Rational in Germany and Rational Ivario in France, all documented in our Host Milano 2023 story highlight that can be found on our Instagram account. We are deeply grateful to these factories and hotels for their kind hospitality, which greatly contributed to the extraordinary experience we enjoyed. 

Amidst this educational journey, exploring the stunning sights of Venice, Milan, Lake Maggiore, Copenhagen, France, and Switzerland has added a delightful touch of wanderlust, enriching our appreciation for the diverse beauty of Europe.

Our profound appreciation is extended to Comcater for their invaluable support and hospitality. You have made this trip so terrific and we are so grateful for this experience you have made possible for us.

In addition, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our fellow industry professionals for the wonderful company and camaraderie they’ve shared with us throughout the entirety of this work trip. 

At the conclusion of this remarkable journey, our respected directors, Brian and Phyllis, found themselves at the prestigious Host Milano exhibition.

Host Milano is the international exhibition dedicated to the world of foodservice and hospitality and has one eye firmly focused on trends, technologies and innovation. 2023 will mark the 43rd edition.

We are truly grateful to Host for bringing together an incredible array of industry professionals under one roof. It’s through platforms like this that we can collectively push the boundaries of innovation and elevate the standards in food service and hospitality. 

For an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at our time at the Trade Show be sure to check out our Host Milano 2023 story highlight on our Instagram account!

As we conclude this unforgettable journey, we carry with us newfound knowledge, lasting friendships, and a deeper passion for the world of foodservice design.

We’re eagerly looking forward to incorporating the valuable insights we’ve gained into our business.





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