As the world continues to feel the impact of COVID-19, we wanted to let you know that we are running at full capacity to ensure we are on hand should you need us.

Rest assured, we are taking all precautions to safeguard our UFD team by following the recommendations of health experts.

Please stay healthy and safe.

Your team at Universal Foodservice Designs.


Ken Williams Joins Universal Foodservice Designs

UFD is pleased to announce that Ken Williams has joined Universal Foodservice Designs as a Consultant / CAD & Revit Operator with over 11 years in the industry with experience in the construction and design of numerous hotels, aged care facilities, restaurants, bars, schools, universities & cafe's.

Ken brings to the team skills and knowledge to create equipment layouts, coordinate between builders, architects, services trades, consulting as well as 2D & 3D design works.

Ken's position within the team will allow UFD manage it's current and increasing work / relation commitments within the hospitality industry as well as the design / coordination of future projects.


David Speck joins Universal Foodservice Designs

David Speck joins Universal Foodservice Designs as a Senior Consultant with over 30 years of hospitality experience.

After moving to Sydney from NYC, David worked nearly a decade for a well-known Kitchen Contractor building hospitality projects in both specified and design/construct scenarios.   Then seeking broader challenges, David moved into Consulting where he worked for several years consulting on a broad range of international hospitality projects including luxury hotels and resorts, aged care facilities, public schools and universities, hospitals, corporate kitchens, prisons and military bases. 

Over the past 12 years David has focused on the design, specification and fit-out of commercial kitchens and bars throughout Australia, New Zealand & Pacific Islands and offers an enthusiastic and comprehensive knowledge of the foodservice industry to our clients. 

With both a degree in Culinary Arts from the French Culinary Institute (NYC) and a background in Systems Engineering and Integration, David offers a uniquely diverse skill set that ultimately benefits the client.


Surojit Saha Joins Universal Foodservice Designs

Surojit Saha joins Universal Foodservice Designs as AutoCAD/Revit Operator.

Operating from UFD's overseas office, he brings to the team, years of experience in the field of estimation & design engineering as well as architectural drafting, AutoCAD & Revit. Surojit is a graduate in Civil Engineering from the Brindavaan College Of Engineering.

Surojit is a welcomed addition to the UFD team and will be involved in the design and co-ordination of future projects.


Trainee Of The Year

UFD congratulates Daniel Tangney-Melides for his nomination for 2016 Trainee Of The Year, We wish Daniel all the best in his nomination.


Barry Sheaves Joins Universal Foodservice Designs

Barry Sheaves joins Universal Foodservice Designs with 25 years experience in the Food & Beverage industry.

He has been involved in construction of many commercial kitchen and bar projects, both specified and design and construct. He also has a broad understanding of commercial catering equipment and their processes.

Barry is a graduate mechanical engineer from the University of Technology in Sydney.

Prior to coming into the Food and Beverage industry, Barry spent 18 years designing and marketing commercial air-conditioning equipment.

Barry's background will be well utilized at UFD and he will be involved in supporting the team in all project aspects, and is a great asset to the UFD team.

Barry can be contacted on 0402 729 913 or his email address at barry@ufd.net.au


UFD Attends Interior Design Trade Show In Sydney

UFD Director Phyllis Lennox attended two Interior Design Trade Shows in Glebe Island and Moore Park, Sydney.


Mark Keegan Joins Universal Foodservice Designs

UFD welcomes Mark Keegan to the UFD team.

Marks role is that of Project Manager/Coordination.
Mark is a Licenced Builder and for the past 27 years has worked as a project Manager in the Building and Foodservice industries.

Mark is conversant with the Australian Standards, Health Code Regulations Health & Safety, Current BCA requirements for Laundry & Foodservice operations.

Mark is accreditted with the following certificates:
Certificate of Trade Studies as Plant Mechanic
Certificate of Applied Pneumatics
Certificate in Hydraulics
Certificate in Automatic Air Conditioning
Contractors Licence /Builder (Personal 130753C unrestricted in NSW)
NSW Green Card

Marks vast knowledge and experience is an asset to the UFD team and UFD Clients.
Mark can be contacted on 0448 981 897 or on his Email address at Mark@ufd.net.au.


Daniel Tangney-Melides Joins Universal Foodservice Designs

UFD welcomes to the team Daniel Tangney-Melides. Daniel has recently completed his Business Traineeship with UFD.
Daniel is a valuable team member and has completed:
Certificate III in business
Certificate III in drafting and is currently completing his Certificate IV in Business Administration and Management.
He hold a current OH&S White Card.

Daniel can be contacted on (02) 43290630 or on his Email address at Daniel@ufd.net.au.


Aiden Blady Joins Universal Foodservice Designs

UFD is pleased to announce the recruitment of Aiden Blady to the team of Universal Foodservice Designs. 

Aiden comes to the team as Revit/Auto CAD draftsman. Aiden will be responsible for 2D & 3D CAD services.

Aiden has completed his studies and has the following certificates:
Certificate III in Engineering Technical.
Certificate IV in Engineering Drafting.
He holds a current OH&S White Card.
Aiden is working on enhancing his skills in 2D / 3D CAD services and overtime will become a valuable member of the UFD team.

Aiden can be contacted on (02) 43290630 or his email address at aiden@ufd.net.au.


UFD Goes To The Foodlegal Symposium

Brian Lennox and Shaun Melides recently went to the Foodlegal Symposium conference on the upcoming changes to foodservice code, Brian and Shaun saw this as a very informative trip to Melbourne where they were briefed along with many other individuals in the industry on the new changes and additions to the legal side of compliancy within the foodservice industry with the new Food Standards Code.


Tetsuya's New Kitchen

UFD in conjunction with ACT Stainless and IGLU Cold systems recently redeveloped the Tetsuya Restaurant in Kent Street Sydney.

As part of the brief for this project UFD were asked to provide an innovative design inclusive of Energy Saving Devices.

With this in mind the kitchen features Ewater technology, Low velocity exhaust hoods with LED lighting and UV, An Electrolux waste compaction system, IGLU refrigeration and blast chilling systems, a Marone island suit with induction appliances and Rational combi ovens.

Refrigeration plant for the new cold rooms are inclusive of VSD's  and EEV's as well as the seafood cool room featuring humidity control technology.

As part of the design, the 2mm thick bench work incorporated radius fascias's and inlaid stone work surfaces.

To view photos of this project please refer to our portfolio section on our website.


James Lennox joins Universal Foodservice Designs

UFD is pleased to announce the recruitment of James Lennox to the team of Universal Foodservice Designs. James comes to the team  as Jnr CAD Operator completing his Cert 3 in Manufacturing Technology CAD & Cert 2 in Hospitality. James is currently completing his Cert 4 in Engineering Drafting.  James is working on enhancing his skills in 2D/3D CAD services and over time James will  become a valuable member of the UFD team.

James can be contacted on 02 43290630 or his email address at james@ufd.net.au


Shaun Melides joins Universal Foodservice Designs

Shaun Melides is a valuable member of Universal Foodservice Designs and currently works in the role of Draftsman/Projects Coordination.
Shaun has spent the past 12 years as a First Class Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Tradesman.

Shaun is accredited and proficient in the latest version of AutoCAD along with holding the following certifications: Certificate III - Engineering - Fabrication Trade - Distinction - 2007, Certificate III - Detailed Drafting & 2D CAD Concepts - Distinction - 2008 and currently finalising 3D & Revit qualification.

Shaun is conversant with the current Australian Standards, health code regulations, Occupational Health & Safety, current BCA requirements and HACCP best practice procedures for laundry and foodservice operations and applies this information in the designs he works on. He holds a current OH&S White Card.

As part of Shaun's role he is also required to review and coordinate workshop drawings and services data.

Shaun can be contacted on 02 43290630 or his email address at shaun@ufd.net.au


Brisbane healthcare seminar

Brian Lennox FCSI was recently invited to speak at a healthcare seminar at Stoddart Pty Ltd in Brisbane.

Brians topic of conversation was the ability to reduce services consumption in foodservice operations. The small but enthusiastic audience participated in dicussions on ewater, induction cooking, glycol refrigeration systems and fan management systems.

Universal Foodservice Designs thanks Stoddart for inviting Brian to participate in this seminar. Should you want to receive a copy of the presentation, please feel free to email our office at studio@ufd.net.au.


UFD in the HACCP Food Safety Bulletin

Universal Foodservice Designs has been mentioned in the HACCP Australia "Food Safety Bulletin". Look us up on page 14 of Issue 15, 2012.


UFD wins new projects

UFD is pleased to anounce that it has been selected to be part of the design team on a number of new projects including;

- The redevelopment of a Club kitchen in the ACT
- The design and development of an On premise laundry, dirty utility spaces and foodservice areas for a new aged care development on the Mid North Coast of NSW.
- A 200 seat restaurant and bar in Melbourne

Should you wish to find out more about these projects and our services, please feel free to contact our office.


January 2012 issue of the 'Universal Food for Thought' Newsletter.

We are please to advise that the January issue of the 'Universal Food for thought' newsletter has been published.
If you want to receive a copy of our newsletter please 'hit' the subscribe button on the home page of our web site.


Fine Foods trade show article

Brian Lennox FCSI has written an article for the Consultant Magazine. Go to our 'articles' page to view.


FCSI seminar at the Fine Foods Show

Under the banner "Partnership for a profitable future" the FCSI seminar will deal with helping businesses create a better digital media experience, look at sustainable trends and energy efficiency in catering operations and foodservice operational trends and directions.

This series of seminars presented by industry leaders and professionals will be held on Tuesday 6th September. Please go to the Fine Foods Australia web site for details.



UFD will soon be releasing its first E-newsletter.

We are hoping that this short, sharp and detailed E-newsletter will assist all who read it in understanding some of the new cutting edge trends in sustainability that are now impacting on Laundry and Foodservice operations.

Stay tuned. More details will be released soon.


Baia Restaurant taking shape

UFD is working in conjuction with Calida Projects and Benchmark Stainless Pty Ltd to redevelop the Baia Restaurant at Cockle Bay.

Emphasis on the design has been placed around speed of service to the patron and compliance with current Australian Standards.

The finished restaurant and bar will offer a great Italian menu coupled with exotic beverages, fantastic service and views of Darling Harbour.


New Exhaust hood manufacturer in Australia

Ecocanopy is a Victorian based exhaust hood manufacturer that is now producing high quality UV type exhaust hoods for the local Australian market.

Ecocanopy's UV technology virtually eliminates all grease and odours and reduces the amount of cleaning and maintenance costs on the exhaust system. Ecocanopy exhaust hoods also require smaller exhaust fan motors which in turn provides cheaper operational running costs.

Smaller fan motors assist in providing a more sustainable foodservice operation and for this reason attention must always be given to the correct design of an exhaust hood system.

Universal Foodservice Designs is an independent foodservice consultancy , as such we offer unbiased advise on all types of foodservice equipment. Universal Foodservice Designs recognises the value of such systems for foodservice operators. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss this product possibly being used in your new foodservice operation.


UFD wins major aged care facility asset contract

Universal Foodservice Designs is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the contract to carry out a major foodservice and On premise laundry facility asset report for sixteen (16) aged care facilities.

By providing this report it is hoped that the operator of these facilities will be able to consolidate service support services, better procurement plans and create a plan for delivering beeter linen and food products to their residents.

Universal Foodservice Designs can assist any aged care/health care group who is wanting to understand the current condition of their facilities and how they comply with AS4674-2004 as well as AS4146:2000 (for laundries). Please feel free to contact our office for details or, to arrange an inspection.


Media release regarding UFD gaining HACCP accreditation

Universal Foodservice Designs Pty Ltd is pleased to announce that it has gained HACCP Australia’s certification approval. This will assist Universal Foodservice Designs in providing compliant and efficient foodservice operations for Hotels, Resorts, Aged Care, Health Care, Government and Corporate developments.

“HACCP Australia certifies the services provided by Brian Lennox of Universal Food Service Designs Pty Ltd.  His design criteria and consultancy services are appropriate for premises that operate in accordance with a HACCP based food safety programme”.

“Brian Lennox’s experience, training, and design skills have been examined and found to be compliant with the food safety requirements of the food industry”.

Universal Foodservice Designs is the first Design consultancy in Australia to gain this certification and as such looks forward to implementing this knowledge into future projects. Should you require assistance with foodservice operations that require design advise in line with accepted HACCP practices, please feel free to contact our office on +61 24329 0630 or visit our web site at www.ufd.net.au


UFD wins two Aged Care projects in N.S.W

UFD is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the rights to design and document two (2) new aged care projects in N.S.W.

These two sites will assist the local regions in catering to the needs of the elderly and will employ sustainable features in the on premise laundries and foodservice operations.

UFD would be happy to discuss the latest trends in Foodservice sustainability and how it can assist in reducing operational costs.


ETS threatens healthcare with $100m power bill

Hospitals and Nursing Homes face a $100 Million jump in power bills under a National emissions trading scheme, threatening to derail the quality and level of services provided to patients and residents alike. With this in mind we can see just how important it is think about energy saving devices being installed into the laundry and foodservice operations of health and aged care facilities being developed now.

UFD can assist in providing independent advice on sustaineble equipment and systems. Feel free to contact our office now.


NSW bulk water prices to rise up to 73%

Bulk water prices in NSW are set to increase significantly it was announced on Friday 4th February.

The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal released the maximum prices that can be charged to users for water management activities until 2014.

Water users affected by the price determination include irrigators, mines and other industries including the hospitality and health care sectors. IPART estimates that most users will face bill increases of between 4 and 73 per cent per mega liter of entitlement over the next three years.

These risers substantiate the need for organizations involved with foodservice and hospitality to review their water usage and replace ware washing systems that use unprofitable amounts of water and chemicals.

UFD continually talk to their clients about washing systems that use minimal water, power and chemicals during the washing process. Feel free to have a conversation with UFD to discuss your options. We offer unbiased independent advice.


The Hobart Premax Series of warewashing systems

The Hobart Premax series of ware washing systems offers the operator with a number of sustainable solutions. Through a solid R&D process, Hobart have been able to create some innovative processes that assist this series of dish washing equipment to reduce water usage, giving this series of equipment some of the lowest water consumption rates for commercial dishwashing in the Australian & New Zealand market places.

Due to the lower water consumption rates additional operational cost savings can also be applied to chemical usage reductions and electrical consumption costs, whilst still being able to provide a quality wash for the operator.

It should be noted that Universal Foodservice Designs is an independent foodservice and laundry design consultancy firm and as such do not represent Hobart or any other food equipment brand. Additionally, we do not receive payment for any endorsements noted. This information is provided as an independent opinion to the industry. 

Universal Foodservice Designs note the sustainability value of such equipment in an operation where the operator is looking to reduce the carbon footprint of the facility and reduce operational costs.