Universal Foodservice Designs Pty Ltd. understands your privacy is important whether you are a consumer, client, prospective client, current staff, prospective staff or an individual connected with our customers, business partners, or Government Agency. This Privacy Policy shows Universal Foodservice Designs’ commitment to protecting your privacy.

Type of Personal Information Collected by Universal Foodservice Designs Pty Ltd.

Universal Foodservice Designs collects personal information necessary for the purposes of conducting its business. This may include but is not restricted to your name, address, date of birth, gender & contact details including phone numbers, fax & email. As a rule Universal Foodservice Designs does not usually collect sensitive personal information.

Methods Universal Foodservice Designs uses to Collect Personal Information

Universal Foodservice Designs collects personal information in different ways:

  1. Directly from you by personal contact, telephone, email & facsimile
  2. Partnership program forms via the Universal Foodservice Designs website
  3. Via Universals business activities or Industry events
  4. Public domain information
  5. Third parties including but not restricted to recruitment agencies

Irrespective of the source of the personal information Universal Foodservice Designs respects the privacy of your personal information.

How We Use & Disclose Your Personal Information

Universal Foodservice Designs uses & discloses your personal information:

  1. To identify you
  2. To provide the services you may require
  3. For directing marketing of our products & services & to keep you informed of new product developments

If you no longer wish to receive Universal Foodservice Designs marketing material please notify us & we will remove your details from our marketing database.

How to Access Personal Information about you?

You have a every right to access your personal information held by Universal Foodservice Designs. In order to verify your identity, you are required to put your request in writing. Universal Foodservice Designs reserves the right to charge a reasonable fee for searching & providing you the access to your personal information.

Security & Quality of Your Information

Universal Foodservice Designs takes all reasonable steps to ensure that your personal information is stored securely & has security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse & alteration of the information being held. UFD’s staff is required to treat sensitive information in confidence. Universal Foodservice Designs relies on you to help us keep your information accurate, current & complete. Please let us know if there are any errors & keep us informed of any changes to your personal information.

Optional Registration

Universal Foodservice Designs may collect information through its Internet site that is used to operate the site & to deliver their services & to inform you of news or other products and services available from Coles.

Further Enquiries regarding our privacy policy

For further information regarding Universal Foodservice Designs and its privacy policy please contact office@ufd.net.au



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