Reine & La Rue

Universal Foodservice Designs had the privilege to design all the foodservice and beverage areas for the stunning Reine & La Rue Restaurant.

The Sherwood Macarthur Progress Update

Universal Foodservice Designs completed our final defects inspection this morning at The Sherwood Macarthur Project, signifying a significant achievement in our commitment to delivering exceptional foodservice design solutions.

Host Milano 2023

In October, our esteemed directors, Brian and Phyllis Lennox, embarked on a thrilling three-week journey across Europe, made possible by the generous Comcater.

UFD visit Roband Factory

Dave, Ken, James and Jenson of Universal Foodservice Designs had the privilege of visiting the Roband Factory at Cromer in Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches.

Phoeniks Australia Europe Tour

Phoeniks Australia took Universal Foodservice Designs Directors Brian and Phyllis Lennox to Germany, France and Dubai on an incredible Consultant Trip.

India Visit 2023

James Lennox, our Senior Draftsman and Senior Project Coordinator visits Vishnu Prasad our new Revit & AutoCAD Draftsman in our Remote Office in Bengaluru, India this week. 

Petersham RSL Grand Opening

UFD staff members Mr. Ken Williams & Mr. David Speck were invited to attend the opening night of Petersham RSL in Sydney’s Inner West.